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This project has three fundamental strategic objectives:

  • Resolution of a relevant scientific-technical problem:

The main scientific objective of the project is to investigate new strategies and algorithms for biological reaction estimation and control. Thanks to the new technologies, both extracellular (substrates and products measurements of the bioreaction) and intracellular information are taken in account.
Also the practical feasibility of the theoretical results will be demonstrate. They are going to be applied on some of the most important heterologous proteins expression systems of the industry: Pichia pastoris and Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

  • Creation of a Hispanic-Argentinian group:

Pointing towards a formal, continuous and solid collaboration, this project is a framework where cohesion of the research groups will be achieved.
New information technologies, as videoconference and shared information servers, allow thinking in a consolidation of the group, even though the big geographic dispersion between the partners.

  • Knowledge Transfer:

Both research groups havetheir own know-how in complementary topics. Knowledge Transfer is a key objective in this collaboration project.